About the Author

“History is living, something to be discovered and shared. There is a trust we feel when the past is in our care.”

Helen Davidson“Writing the novel became a way to envision the relationships that appeared enigmatic in the diary, the scope and meaning of which Adeline treats with reserve and modesty. . . . Imagining a way into Addie’s thoughts through fiction allowed me a path into the mind and heart of a young girl living before the Civil War, someone whose treasuring of experience allows history to come alive.” So declares Helen Taylor Davidson, author of Prelude, and co-editor, with her husband Richard, of The 1854 Diary of Adeline Elizabeth Hoe.

A lifelong music teacher, choral director, dramatist and writer, Davidson is the custodian of many heirlooms in a family whose American roots stem from the early 1600s. These include her ancestor’s diary, which was transcribed and annotated through many years of research, and which became the inspiration for the novel, Prelude, covering those seminal transformations foreshadowing the horrors of the Civil War. The Davidsons live in Plainfield, New Hampshire, in the home where Helen was raised.