Three Village Historical Society Review

“…The diary portrays an idyllic time in Stony Brook and Setauket [New York]. In 1854, farming was still the occupation of the majority of residents, shipbuilding was in full swing and the art and music of the period was in full flower…

The novel, which is the first part of the book, is fun to read and will make a good book to take to the beach this summer. The novel takes the facts from the diary and weaves a new story that brings us closer to the Underground Railroad and other activities that led inexorably to the Civil War just seven years later. There are many facts here that relate to the decade of the 1850s and they are woven seamlessly into the story. This gives the reader a good insight into a time period that is often ignored by writers of both fiction and non-fiction…”

– From The Historian, newsletter of the Three Village Historical Society, Setauket, East Setauket and Stony Brook, NY.